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Mazer  Law Firm PC


At Mazer Law Firm PC, our objective is to provide professional, affordable representation for abused investors through negotiation and securities arbitration.

Our firm provides investors with knowledge and expertise in the securities industry equal to that possessed by the brokerage firms to help you recover stock market losses due to investment fraud or stock broker fraud or misconduct.

If you have suffered from investment fraud, or stock broker misconduct, we offer a free initial consultation and NO up front fees. If we feel the securities arbitration process can help you recover funds, we will pursue your case vigorously, and you will only pay us if we receive a settlement for you. In addition, once you become our client, you will be made to feel as if you are our only client. Call us to today at 205-907-9570 to discuss your unique situation.


Our Specializations include:

·      Investor losses

·      Stock Market Losses

·      Annuity Losses

·      Investment Tax Liability Losses

·      Suitability

·      Failure to Supervise

·      Churning

·      Unauthorized & Excessive Trading

·      Selling Away

·      Defamation

·      Wrongful Termination

·      Non-solicitation Agreements

·      Non-compete Agreements

·      Promissory Notes

·      Form U-5 Damage